Zoning and Foundation Verification Review Application

Zoning and Foundation Verification Review Application

Town of Indian Springs Village Zoning and Foundation Verification Review Application


  1. ALL of the information is required to be completed before an application will be processed.
  2. EACH application will be accompanied by a copy of the current Builder’s (and ALL Sub-Contractor’s) Indian Springs Village Business License. If the license is close to expiration, an early renewal may be required.


 Town Clerk 

2635 Cahaba Valley Road 

Indian Springs, AL  35124 



  1. EACH application shall be accompanied by cash or a check in the amount of $100.00 made payable to “Indian Springs Village”. The check MUST be mailed or delivered to the Town Clerk at the address in 2 above. 
  2. EACH application will be accompanied by a copy of the Site Plan. This site plan must be current and must be prepared in accordance Standards of Practice for Surveying in the State of Alabama and Article IV, ADMINISTRATION, Section 3.0 Approval of Plans etc. 
  3. EACH application will be accompanied by one full set of signed and sealed construction plans.
  4. EACH modification to the original application will require ALL of the above information to be resubmitted at the time of the modification, INCLUDING AN ADDITION CHECK in the amount of $100, as required above.