Home Office Affidavit

Home Office Affidavit


  • Home occupations are Special Exception Uses in districts El, E2, RI, R2, RT and MP subject to stipulations in each district and to the following conditions:
  • A Site Development Plan must be submitted providing for all requirements listed in Section 2 and.’
  1. The home occupation shall be clearly incidental to residential use of the dwelling and shall not change the essential character of the dwelling or adversely affect the use permitted in the district of which it is a Such use shall not adversely affect the general welfare are of the surrounding residential area due to potential noise, electrical interference, increased pedestrian and vehicular traffic or any other conditions which would constitute an objectionable use of residentially zoned property.

B   Customary home occupations shall be limited to an office or a business of a personal service nature.

  1. The home occupation shall be confined to twenty-five (25) percent of the principal building, and shall not be conducted in any accessory building located on the same lot as the principal dwelling. No outside storage shall be used in connection with a home
  2. Employment shall be limited to members of the family residing in the dwelling, and there shall be no employment of help other than those members of the residential
  3. No display of products shall be visible from the street, and only articles made on the premises may be sold; except that nondurable articles (consumable products) that are incidental to a service, shall be the principal use in the home occupation, and may be sold on the
  4. Instruction of music, art, dancing and similar subjects shall be limited to two (2) students at a
  5. The activity carried on as a home occupation shall be limited to the hours between 7:00 m. and 10:00 p.m.
  6. Signs for home occupations are
  • Home Occupation Special Exception. Expedited Review. Residents applying for a Home Occupation Special Exception can certify that they are located in a proper district and certify that they meet all of the above stated requirements set out in Section 5.2 when applying for a Special Exception. An Expedited Certified Application will obtain provisional approval, avoid the requirement to attend a hearing before the Zoning Board of Adjustment and avoid the payment of the required Special Exception The Zoning Board of Adjustment will review all Expedited Home Occupation Special Exception applications at their next called meeting and reserve the right upon review to (1) require any applicant to attend a full hearing on their application for a Special Exception and to pay the standard Special Exception fee, (2) revoke any Expedited Home Special Exceptions. Any applicant certifying their compliance agrees that the Zoning Board of Adjustment can call for a hearing with or without cause, on their own or as a response to a complaint or inquiry, and if applicant fails to pay the required fee for the Home Occupation Special Exception will be revoked and any business licenses withdrawn. This special exception is granted only to the current applicant and is not transferable.

I hereby certify that: (a) I am applying for a Home Occupation Special Exception and Business License for my personal business as stated in my application; (b) that my home where the business will be located is within a proper zoning district; and (c) that my home and business comply with all of the requirements set out in Article VIII, Section 5.2 of the Zoning Ordinance. I agree with the conditions of this Expedited Review and consent to the limitations and possible review or revocation as stated in Article VIII, Section 5.3 of the Zoning Ordinance.

  • Home Office Affidavit

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