A. Building Permit Application
1. Zoning Verification $100.00 - Each additional review $100.00
2. Foundation Verification $100.00 - Each additional review $100.00
3. Erosion and Sediment Control Fee $100.00 first time review for individual single-family residences
— $200.00 each additional review
— $400.00 all other types of land disturbing activities

B. Appeal to Zoning Board of Adjustment $100.00

C. Special Exception or Variance Application $375.00 plus $10.00 per acre

D. Re-zoning Application $375.00 plus $10.00 per acre and $7.00 per adjoining property owner

E. Preliminary Subdivision Plat Application $300.00 per lot plus $7.00 per adjoining property owner

F. Final Subdivision Plat Application $150.00 per lot plus $7.00 per adjoining property owner

G. Wireless Telecommunication Tower Application $850.00

H. Wireless Telecommunication Tower Inspection $350.00

I. Wireless Telecommunication Tower Inspection $700.00

J. Sign - Residential Entrance Signs $350.00

K. Sign - Non-Residential Commercial Signs $350.00

L. Temporary Signs $25.00

M. Municipal information (Municipal assessments $10.00
business status, licenses, etc..)

N. Written certifications of municipal information $75.00
(zoning, inspections, etc.)


Comes Now, the Undersigned Applicant and hereby applies for favorable consideration by the Indian Springs Zoning and Planning Commission and Town of Indian Springs Village, to subdivide the real property described below. By submitting this application, the Applicant represents that the property is duly and properly described in the attached legal description. This completed application must be submitted with: (a) an attached list of the proper names and addresses of all adjacent real property owners, (b) ten folded copies (10) of the final plat plans, and, (c) the appropriate fee based upon the current schedule of fees in cash or check. All other regulations, conditions or requirements (including any conditions or requirements arising from the approval of the preliminary plat plans) pursuant to the Zoning Ordinance of Indian Springs Village must be met or completed before any action may be taken by the Board or Town Council on this application. See the Regulations at for all requirements for compliance.

  • (Applicant Must be Property Owner or Official Representative of Owner)
  • The undersigned Applicant acknowledges that the payment of the application fee neither entitles the applicant to approval of this application nor to the requested zoning action and that no refund of any fees will be given. Further, the applicant hereby waives the requirements as set forth in Acts 82-693, 84-454, 88-923 or 89-673 or similar acts of the Alabama Legislature that the commission should render a decision within 30 days. The undersigned Applicant further acknowledges that the duly adopted and applicable subdivision requirements as set forth in the Indian Springs Village Zoning Ordinance and/or the Indian Springs Village Subdivision Regulations have been reviewed. The Applicant must be present at the meeting on the announced date; the Planning Commission cannot take any action on an application for which there is no property owner (or representative) present. Mounted Display of Proposed Subdivision Development is required for Presentation to the Commission by Applicant.
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  • Price: $5.00
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