Environmental Outreach Page

Environmental Outreach Page

Message from ADEM:


“Water quality is a responsibility of all of the citizens of Indian Springs Village.  We should all be on the lookout for illicit discharges.  In part, these can arise from water line flushing after the construction of new water lines, excessive landscape irrigation, diverted stream flows, discharges foundation drains or air conditioning condensation lines, water from crawl space pumps, auto or lawn equipment oil changes and washing, swimming pool discharges, construction sites that do not have properly installed and maintained erosion control devices, failing septic tanks, or other connections that carry harmful particulate matter or chemicals to natural water sources.

In the same vain, altering existing drainage courses, increasing storm water runoff, filling in a flood prone area without prior approval is something that citizens can monitor.

In the event you see anything that you feel is detrimental to good water quality or increases storm water runoff, please contact the Town Clerk.  All discussions will be kept confidential.”

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