Comprehensive Plan

Comprehensive Plan

On a regular basis the Village is faced with tough choices about growth, housing, transportation, neighborhood improvement and service delivery. This Comprehensive Plan provides a guide for making these choices by describing long-term goals for the Village’s future as well as policies to guide day-to-day decisions.

Purpose of the Comprehensive Plan

The Indian Springs Village Comprehensive Plan (the “Plan”) is a framework for future growth, development and redevelopment decisions for the Village. The Plan contains the Village’s official policies on land use and community design, transportation, housing, natural environment and community services. Its policies apply to both public and private properties. Its focus is on the physical form of the Village.

The Plan is to be used by the Village Council and Planning Commission to evaluate land use changes and to make funding and budget decisions. It is used to guide building and development and to make recommendations on projects. The Plan provides the basis for the Village’s zoning and subdivision regulations. The Plan’s policies apply to all property within Indian Spring’s planning area, a boundary that includes all land within the Village limits, plus some areas of unincorporated Shelby County. Property in unincorporated Shelby County is not obligated to comply with the Plan. However, mutual cooperation can provide benefits to both the Village and County.

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